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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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making the move

The blog as been real quite for the last month because things have been happening behind the scenes.

We are leaving our bustling St. Louis home and moving back to the quiet plains of Wyoming! Apparently there is an urban legend that the state of WY doesn't actually exist??? Hah well, both my husband & I grew up a small town in northeast WY, and we've always planned to move back closer to our familes. The time has come. In just two short weeks we will be loading a truck to venture toward the great west.

I'll probably need to post a farewell lament soon. And I also have my little chickadee's halloween costume to show you! More posts will follow shortly.


back once again {and a portland itinerary}

It is not lost on me that my profession of "back to regularly scheduled blogging" has become a broken record. But here I am again with more instagram photos of my recent shenanigans. 

I just got home from a relatively unplanned road trip from Oklahoma City to Portland (that's a lot of driving, folks). My former college roommate needed a driving buddy to get from OK to the Northwest, and I just so happen to be the perfect travel companion.

Below are a few photos and also a great itinerary if you find yourself in Portland for a few days.

If you have two full days you won't regret these activities:

::: day one :::

- Start the day with a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts
- Next head on up to NW 23rd Street, where you can stroll along and visit all kinds of fun boutiques. We found some steal deals at Crossroads Trading Co. and you can grab lunch anywhere (we stopped at a McMenamins).
- Once you feel the drain of too much shopping, you are only a short drive to Powell's Books for relaxing read. If you're not shopped out yet, you are now conveniently located next to a few staples like West Elm and Jonathan Adler.
- For dinner, we headed over to the Alberta Arts District for some delicious tapas at Cruzroom. You won't be disappointed.

::: day two :::

- Start the day with a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts (haha kind of a joke...but kind of not)
- Our morning activity was a trip to peruse the Pittock Mansion. The amazing view of the city alone was worth it. The mansion was quaint and the grounds were a fun stroll too.
- Run into Bunk Sandwiches, grab a delious lunch and continue on to Mt Tabor Park for a picnic. (From Pittock to Mt Tabor takes you from one end of Portland to the other) Spend some time relaxing and conversating.
- Do not miss an afternoon stop at Salt & Straw. This ice cream is like no other, with seasonal rotations of sweetness.
- Another stop you must make is at Kennedy School. An elementary school converted to hotel/resturants/etc. I will make time to thoroughly explore this place again some day. So rad.
- Lastly, for dinner we ended the night at Tabor Tavern. It's a favorite of current resident/roomie, Mekala of Tie That Binds.

A busy few days but I loved ALL of it. Such a fun trip and I love my college roomies so much! Wish I could hang around those ladies more often! Anyone else have a favorite that I missed slash a must see for next time?!

All photos from my instagram, be sure to add @joyeverafter (me) to your feed! 


relaxing on the east coast

Are vacations overwhelming to anyone else? It's like you sandwich "relaxing" between scrambling to get ready/work ahead and then again trying to catch up on work/house chores.

Regardless—I had a BLAST last week.

We chose to drive all night from St. Louis to Maryland (WHAT were we thinking?!). It's like I was in college (young and dumb). Somehow I recovered with only a 4 hour nap and then spent an incredible afternoon on the beach in Ocean City.

The main purpose of the trip was a wedding, which was simply lovely. Held at the Mount Airy Mansion, where George Washington's daughter was also married. The same boxwood bushes still guard the entrance. Crazy.

Another highlight of the trip was sailing in the Chesapeake Bay. I've never been on a sail boat and OH how relaxing and fun it was. I wouldn't mind making it a regular activity. We stopped by USNA in Annapolis and walked around the harbor. Then also spent a night out at the National Harbor with all the wedding attendees. So fun.

Hours spent with my love. Hours relaxing & enjoying life. Hours getting to know family.

Time well spent.

Do I have any DC area readers? Or East Coast fans? Hard to believe this summer is coming to an end soon!

All images via my instagram


time for travel

Sitting in the airport about ready to board my flight. I went from a whirlwind of work projects and now on to a whirlwind of travel activities! Soooo excited to visit friends and see my family. And yes, enjoy a high school reunion. A fun weekend is in store, hoping yours is just as exciting!

Image Source: Janae Shields (via Style Me Pretty)


notable: megan gilger

While I love my urban bungalow, there are times when I long to be surrounded by endless space. I wouldn't mind a short trip in the near future one bit. Perhaps a case of the summer travel bug.

Featured Artist: Megan Gilger (via Pinterest)


weekend travel

I am on the road to Colorado to see family and celebrate my Aunt & Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary—I certainly hope your weekend is filled with fun and loved ones!

Image Source: Ruche (via Pinterest)


afternoon of apple picking

I am pretty sure everyone needs a fall bucket list. One that includes an apple farm. Truly an enjoyable and relaxing activity, although I wasn't the one chasing kids all over. Below are the images I captured yesterday at Eckert's, a local St. Louis farm. Good times.


lovely bundle {camping}

My husband and I just got back from a little camping trip, and I must say it was not near as glamorous as these images. Perhaps because these images are not full of bugs.

Apologies for the shortened posts this week. We've got a number of activites this last week before my husband heads back to work, so I've been soaking up as much time with him as possible. Hope your week has been GLAM along with your pending weekend!

Images Sources: 1 Takes Long Walks (via Pinterest) // 2 Caroline Tran (Gallery on Green Wedding Shoes, via Pinterest) // 3 The Rasers (Gallery on The Knotty Bride, via Pinterest) // 4 Kaysha Weiner (Gallery on Grey Likes Weddings, via Pinterest) // 5 Photography by Katie Quinn Davies, Styled by Sarah Ellison (via Pinterest) // 6 Tim Walker (via Pinterest) //


notable: poppy & pinecone

My apologies for the blog post slackin! It's so apparent that I've been exclusively obsessed with my husband—putting the creative (and work) projects on hold! Enjoying our voyages...aka home/yard projects together, and me convincing him to throw in a little R&R into our days.

Featured Artist: Poppy & Pinecone *swooning over the watercolor state love*


renegade recap

A snapshot of my weekend shopping trip, with a spotlight of some favorite vendors. (full list here) It was packed (with people and fun) and the Christmas shopping list is now almost done.

5" of snow and 5 gyms of craft vendors, what's not to love? Oh yeah, the 45 minutes driving around till someone gave up their parking spot. I am trying to block that from my memory.

How was your weekend? Any other great shopping place ideas?