This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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color speaks

I think a little color will lighten my mood. How about you? What ways are you using color lately?


something wonderful

This quote jumped out at me today. Maybe because I've living in anticipation lately? Or maybe work has been slow and I've been thinking too much (and organizing!). Either way, expecting good things for your future is a must.


learn something

A reminder that each day holds a lesson for us to learn. Sometimes lovely. Sometimes unpleasant. Hopefully surprising.


a twinkle in your eye

I think I'd like to be more deliberate with purpose in heart from day to day. It's too easy to get caught up in mistakes, emotions, and worries—which is NOT our designed purpose.


in winter

The long weekend and chilly days have left me with feelings of nostalgia for winter. Especially winter with a snow that covers many trees.

What about you? Are you looking forward to the first snow or dreading it???


happy thanksgiving

A full day of non-blog-work ahead of me today, so I'll wish you well a bit early. I am very grateful for each of my readers and every comment sharing in on my journey.

Enjoy a day of full of food, gratitude, & rest. Full bellies and full hearts—Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Image Source: Terrain (type by me)