This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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Entries in pink (9)


girly pink confetti shower

An exciting project for your viewing pleasure! Recently I co-hosted a sweet baby shower for a dear friend. Since my baby was a boy, I was able to channel any unfulfilled girlish obsessions into this event. Which means a lot of pink, flowers, confetti, and lace!

We kept things fairly simple, but still colorful & feminine. This could easily be a bridal shower (I'm not super into "baby" themes). Food was a simple combination of finger foods and spice cake cupcakes. I made these intricate little tissue paper flower toppers and they were SO PRETTY. Paper flowers are my spiritual gift people. We didn't intentionally top the cupcakes with flowers & nuts, but I do find it hilarious.

For activities we had the clothespin game, where you lose your pin if someone catches you saying a forbidden word (ie. baby, due, cute, etc). The person with the most pins is the winner. Another activity was baby price is right. Always more entertaining than it sounds, and mom gets to keep the goodies! Lastly we had "decorate a diaper". No filters allowed on this one—the more humor the better! New parents need a reason to smile when changing diapers at 3am.

Favors were a bag of PINK strawberry coconut popcorn for the road. Yum!

That about covers it all! These pictures make me miss the tissue paper confetti—it's just so fun! I even stuffed the invites with it. And I still love the pink/coral color palette, though only in small doses.

It was a sweet day celebrating a precious little bundle. Definitely gave me my fill of pink & posh. Now hurry up Little Miss D, I can't wait to meet you!

Photography by me. Paper products available in my shop. Paper straws from Shop Sweet Lulu. Painterly party cups diy from Design*Sponge.


bloom inspiration

Anyone simply holding their breath, waiting for spring to arrive?!

I certainly am. And these gorgeous-to-die-for-flowers are just a little inspiration for the impending buds.

Annnd also ideas for my upcoming business venture! In May I'll be selling my own flower arrangements at the Farmer's Market...Eeeee! It might be too early to share the news but I cannot contain myself. So for now I'm collecting as many ideas as possible on my floral Pinterest board. Have you seen any simple arrangements lately that I should add? Or favorite blooms to make sure I include?

Image Sources: 1. Studio Choo on Design*Sponge // 2. Once Wed // 3. Wild Folk Studio Blog // 4. Emily Henderson // 5. Wild Folk Studio // 6. Photography by Jose Villa, featured on Once Wed //


valentine feather tag {download}

I've got a little download to share with you today. Was itching to play with a little watercolor and figured a feather tag would do the trick.

Feel free to download these feather templates and create amazing Valentine's projects with them! Perhaps a "birds of a feather" gift...or maybe "you tickle my fancy" love note? Any other ideas on what to use them for???


registry gift upgrade

So I've posted before about how registries are boring. But for the last wedding I got even more creative!

When I saw this double layer cupcake carrier I knew we had a winner. If the bride is a baker—I definintely want to encourage that (not to diss new towels).

Hello excuse to add cute sprinkles and cupcake liners. AND conveniently Amy of Eat Drink Chick posted these adorable cutlery tags, which I easily made into cupcake toppers.

Add a wedding card with a cake theme and voilà! Pretty and a more personalized gift!

And yes, this peanut butter banana cream cupcake was amazing.


snuggle in a teepee

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I am doing my best to wrap up work and take off early for a play day with my husband. Wouldn't it be so fun to make this illustration real life? So fun!

Featured Artist: This Paper Ship


spring chores and a spring bouquet

Hope you are having a great week! Does the nice weather make the whole world a better place for you? It sure does for me. With the great weather comes a little work, and I couldn't find a "simple list of house upkeep tips" on the www, so now I'm making my own.

A little spring cleaning is GREAT therapy. Because we've only owned a home for 1.5 years—I wasn't privy the annual chores required to keep a house in working order. I wanted to throw together a quick list of some research I found. Some obvious, but others may be surprisingly helpful. 

annual house upkeep tips

We purchased this reusable filter (located where air enters furnace). It was easy to disassemble and run through the dishwasher. Another really great idea is to clean vents and make sure that no furniture or other debris are blocking vents. Our vents are exposed in our dungeon basement, but many houses will be more difficult. *This is recommended every 3 months.


Clear out all gutters of debris and check for any broken or loose pieces. Also, make sure all downspouts direct water away from the house. This spring we installed a rain barrel on a downspout that had inconvenient drainage onto our patio.

Purchase some root killer and use on the main house drain (ours is next to our washing machine in the basement). This cleans out all the drain pipes going away from the home, killing all the root blockage.

This is my favorite spring cleaning tip. I hate creepy crawlies. Home Defense is your best friend when it comes to unwanted house guests. It takes a little time to spray all along inside and out of every window, door, and floorboard but so worth the time and $$$.

Change batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Have fireplace/chimney cleaned
Clean vent behind dryer
Drain off sediment from base of hot water tank
Grind ice cubes to clean garbage disposal and flush with hot water/baking soda
Clean Ceiling Fans

And most important, add a pretty spring bouquet! My amazingly sweet grandmother-in-law made this PERFECT quilted table center as an Easter gift. I couldn't resist making a complimentary bouquet to show it off. Ranunculus (one of my favorite flowers) are in season and lemons make a good team.

I hope this list can be helpful to some. For more nifty cleaning lists, visit here, courtesy of Miss Martha Stewart. And please do share if you have some chores that you love (or hate).


antique melon palette

Picked up some fabric remnants that were perfect candidates for fabric flowers on clothespins. Wishing you a lovely weekend!



So my friend is a rockin' illustrator and wanted to make a special gift for a baby shower. Here is what she whipped up in an hour.

How stinking adorable?! Ladybugs are the theme of the nursery, and I'm sure the mom was more than delighted to have custom artwork for the new arrival. So cute! Now everyone needs to encourage {or force} her to get a shop online ASAP.


happy heart day to you

My apologies for the lack of posting, my computer had a meltdown and was in therapy last week. Back to pretty things! Look at this adorable valentine that I recieved from my partner in craft-making crime.

Such fun packaging for a yummy treat, and a fun pin wear with future outfits.