This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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advent packaging

Much of my Thanksgiving weekend was putting together these two advent packages. Both swaps were organized by Oh, Hello Friend. The top set is to 12 different people (as you likely guessed from their names) and the bottom set is all to the same person. Though a lot of work—so fun to have done them. And my apologies to those in the post office line behind me!

Anyone else gifting an Advent set this year? Little gifts are the best!


blood vile ::: halloween invitation

Here's the follow-up invitation that accompanied the Halloween Save-the-Date. These little 3" boxes were mailed to potential party guests.

I still love them so much! Fun packaging is the best. And don't forget you can download your own version of this invitation! Have a great weekend, friends!


registry gift upgrade

So I've posted before about how registries are boring. But for the last wedding I got even more creative!

When I saw this double layer cupcake carrier I knew we had a winner. If the bride is a baker—I definintely want to encourage that (not to diss new towels).

Hello excuse to add cute sprinkles and cupcake liners. AND conveniently Amy of Eat Drink Chick posted these adorable cutlery tags, which I easily made into cupcake toppers.

Add a wedding card with a cake theme and voilà! Pretty and a more personalized gift!

And yes, this peanut butter banana cream cupcake was amazing.


christmas card 2010

Time to spread Christmas cheer through snail mail.

Perhaps I got a little carried away, considering that I started working on them mid November. The wooden card is by Night Owl Paper Goods. I saw their calendar designs and fell head over heels. My favorite is that people have something to keep all year. I also wanted to write a short letter because growing up I loved reading all the letters that came during the Christmas season (and finding a fun way to send it was a must).

I hope this Wednesday finds you enjoying all the festivities. Christmas Eve is only two short days away!


mmm, yummy caramel corn

So addictive I tell you. I made a TON and packaged it up for the neighbors (a small "Merry Christmas" tag would have been nice...my bad). Perfect holiday thoughtfulness, in case you needed something to give those B list people.

Here is the little recipe card for you — featuring the lovely Matilde:

Have a super great weekend! ::: Maybe you should make some popcorn! :::


simple party { wine glass exchange

How it works: Everyone invited simply brings one wine glass (wrapped real pretty), and then you play "steal from your neighbor" or just trade gifts. Perfect for holidays, when budgets are tight and calendars are full of parties. Even more fun, bringing FOUR individually wrapped glasses, so that you go home with an entirely unique set.

Other great gift party ideas? Something wallet friendly AND you want to take home (unlike the dreaded white elephant exhange)?


lime & lace gift wrap

Starting the week with a little lime green wrapping. Had to dig through the archives for todays' post because I was helping with a big event over the weekend and sadly missed out on taking photos. Apparently it was a bad week for me and photos (per this post).

Luckily I found these images buried on the hard drive. As of late, I love wrapping with fabric as ribbon (not sure I use paper ribbon anymore). The lime is a fun exchange for the traditional pink bachelorette gift, and probably more fitting. ;)


an apple for today

Almost to late for back to school ideas! But I found these lovely downloads from Creature Comforts and couldn't resist adding a personal touch. Now my teacher friend has little cards when she wants to write a sweet note to her students.

*Don't forget to comment on Friday's giveaway*


registries are boring

Bridal registries are great for the couple, sure...but completely lame to give as a gift. Opening a present to find a pizza stone or set of spoons is slightly dull to say the least. The giftcard offers an easy alternative, but again, slightly dull.

May I suggest my recent gifting upgrades? Pairing the registered cookbook with fun pasta or pairing those crystal wine glasses with a local/favorite wine.

Gifts go from impersonal to personal, from lame to totally game. Still the best of both worlds, what they want plus a small surprise! This also allows for a lot of play when the budget is tight. A $15 toaster is not so cheap when paired with some homemade jams, and no one knows your favorite wine is $5 a bottle. Here is a quick list of pairing ideas:

Cookbook > pasta/sauce, or another relevant nonperishable
Wine glasses > wine
Toaster > homemade jam
Coffee pot > your favorite coffee beans
Beer/Margarita glasses > local beer or tequila
Cookie sheets > your favorite cookies or recipe
Tiered serving tray > various candies and snacks
Cloth napkins > napkin rings
Tea kettle > favorite tea
Bath towels > favorite hand soap


cotton to show my devotion

Not the best at gifts, but I wanted to give something simple and thoughtful, which is totally my style. Since cotton is the 2 year anniversary gift, I wrote the vows from our wedding program on linen and included a cotton stalk that I happened to have around. My husband was so creative last year by giving me letterpress lessons, I had to make a better effort this year. This post by Young House Love is a great resource for gift ideas. Any of you have creative examples for anniversary gifts? I'd love to hear them!