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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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wrapping up spring {wreath}

Though the weather does not reflect it, spring is here and my front door will participate. Using what I had on hand (embriodery hoop & fabric scraps), I whipped up this seasonal greeting to brighten my exterior. What do you think?

It was a short work week, and now I'm off to enjoy the local vineyards with the visiting in-laws. Relaxation and merriment will be in abundance this weekend. Wishing the same for you!


inspiration archive // 5

Happy Monday to you. After some relaxing weekend, I am ready to tackle this week. And it doesn't hurt that next weekend includes a holiday...!

I love the messy thread in this wall art. Endless inspiration from the recently discovered Dottie Angel.

Featured Lovely By: Dottie Angel


4 year anniversary & gift

This past Friday was my 4 year anniversay! Time certainly flies. Both my husband and I have stuck to the traditional anniversary gift list for ideas each year. It presents a fun challenge. This year was silk and how fun is it to own a bow tie in case a special occasion comes up?

Since the gift is relatively minor, I wanted to dress it up with a little packaging. Using an old cigar box is classy and well, super fitting for my husband.

Then I threw in a "very romantic card" and found these GREAT illustrated instructions on how to tie a bow tie. The illustration is by Conor Whelan for 2011 Trinity Ball Magazine. The cute card on the left is from Breathless Paper Co.

I truly love it and can't wait for him to try it out!

If you want to follow our anniversary adventures, last year we celebrated with a mini cake and a photoshoot. The gift was a custom leather wallet from in blue. And the previous year I gifted a sweet cotton love letter.


crafty fabric wrapped tree

This cutesy tree was a quick turn-around project I led last week. Handing off the project plan and supplies turned out really well I feel. It was a fun challenge to tie in the book drive with a tree. Hopefully through the title "Grow Our Library" and the book-paper leaves there isn't a huge disconnect.

Hope you're enjoying your week!

If you feel so inclined, donate a book to help St. Louis children learn to read!


bunting pattern & diy {super cheap}

There are only a bazillion bunting styles out there—in all ranges of money and time investment. Today I bring you one that is super great because it is super cheap. By super I mean in the ballpark of $.25 PER YARD. In other words about $.08 PER FOOT. Do I sense jaws dropping? Well, they should be.

So here's what you do. Download this pattern I created. Then do the math of how much bunting you'd like to end up with. For every 4.5" of fabric you buy, you'll get around 11' of bunting (assuming the bolt is 36" wide, you'll get 30 - 2.25" wide triangles). To keep it simple I'd recomend buying in 4.5" increments. If you choose 3 colors that is 33' of bunting!

Now you decide what fabric you want. {Psst, did you know you can buy felt by the yard?} That's what I did because it's a lot cheaper than buying felt squares. Felt also doesn't have scraggly edges.

Anywho. Once you have your strips of 36"x4.5" fabric, you gotta cut out the diagonals using the pattern above. Then it's time to connect the triangles.

I snipped sewing thread about 1" and then hot glued each end to a triangle (pictured above). This may not be the most time efficient method, but I didn't mind gluing all this bunting while watching tv.  Perhaps sewing would be faster? Someone should try it and let me know how it goes.

So there you have it! Not too shabby at $.08 per foot!


lovely bundle {fabric flowers}

These flowers are so pretty it hurts. I just love them and want to be surrounded at all times. Soak in the inspiration for your weekend.

Image Source: 1 Green Apple Photography (Gallery on Ruffled, via Pinterest) // 2 The Vamoose (via Oh, Hello Friend) // 3 Emici Bridal (via Pinterest) // 4 Emerson Made (via Ruffled) // 5 Buds and Blooms // 6 Photography by Our Labor of Love, Styled by Ashley Meaders (Gallery on Dolci Odille) //


april ad } cardinal house

April brings us a shower of prettiness with our first sponsor welcome, Cardinal House! You will be overwhelmed if you visit this shop, full of lovely jewelry and accessories. Cardinal House is an eco-friendly shop that merges the beauty of garden flowers with textile fabric scraps and vintage beads to become beautiful jewelry creations. I personally own one of the flower necklaces and I cannot even tell you how many many compliments I receive. Definitely a favorite in my collection.

Cardinal House has graciously offered a 15% reader discount until April 15th. Simply enter "JOY15" into the Etsy coupon code during checkout. This discount even applies to sale items AND includes FREE U.S. shipping. You do not want to miss out on such a great offer! Click here to view the beautiful collection.

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*love believes* valentine

I've been so scattered lately with a number of projects, but was able to snap some images of my valentine progress. Yay for fabric envelopes! The "valentine" is also fabric, though slightly non-traditional and could easily be framed as artwork. Between this and Christmas, making multi-purpose cards is my new thing. I still need to add a small valentine note, some fun labels, and finish them off with the love charms.

Hope you are having an amazing Friday, and soon a great weekend!


winter fabric wreath diy

A fun little tutorial that was completely inspired by this wedding. After the holidays I felt the door looked a little naked, and wanted a "winter wreath". So here are the easy steps:

Supplies: Wreath frame // vintage or scrap fabric // fake flowers.
Tools: Glue gun // scissors.

Cut fabric into strips, any width, and then wrap around wreath until covered.

Then just glue flowers in an arrangement.

I used cheap flowers since this wreath will be used outdoors. That's it. Super easy. Is it still too SPRING??? I'm going to use it anyway.



simple tree skirt diy

I'll to my best to make this thorough, as I sort of "winged it" when I made mine.
Supplies // Any fabric - 1.5 yards was perfect for 42" round skirt // Trim - 6 yards
Tools // Scissors // Sewing machine

For a petal pattern, I just cut out newspaper to the size I wanted. Using the total round size based on my small tree, I needed each petal to be 21" in length. Tip: For the paper pattern, fold in half and then cut out the petal—this assures symetry along the curve. Using pattern, cut enough petals from fabric to create a circle. Fabric idea: I used burlap and wanted the frayed edges, you could use a non-fray material like fleece OR use pinking shears to cut out the petals.

Now take the petals, overlap about .5" and sew straight lines, connecting each one. Tip: I loved the overlapping layers {pictured below}, a zigzag cut from pinking shears would also add personality to the skirt. Or using alternating colored petals, be creative!

Sew all the petals together, leaving two unconnected for the tree wrap. Tip: Burlap has a finished edge, so I simply cut my petals where the finished edge fell along the unconnected petals. Saved some sewing time!

Lastly, sew your trim along the outside of the circle. Put below the tree and enjoy!

Simple, right!? Any other ideas to add flare and spunk?