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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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underground dinner in feast magazine

It is nearly MAY. How does this happen? So much to tell you...let's see. Sorry to drop off the planet last week! It was a I-can-hardly-catch-my-breath-life-is-going-in-too-many-directions kind of week. The green smoothie challenge turned out fine, and it IS true. After the three days of misery it was a cake walk. Six full days of fresh veggies and fruits. NOW...

on to the post feature: an underground dinner experience in FEAST magazine.

Local winery. Local chef. Local magazine. Splendid evening.

Remember this catering display I worked on a while back? Well, I was able to attend an incredible event by the same caterers, entre, and even more exciting—the evening is the feature article in a local magazine, FEAST.

Quick details about the event. Entre Underground is a monthly event where the menu and location are kept secret until the day of. My husband and I wanted to participate and we decided to jump at the chance for the overnight experience (knowing it included a bed & breakfast). We were given directions to Hermannhof Vineyards and packed our bags!

To begin the evening we checked into our AMAZING hillside cottage overlooking the Missouri River. From there we headed to the newly remodeled vineyard grainery to munch on hors d'oeuvres and wine. Then made our way over the the 150-year-old, stone-carved caves of the winery cellar for a five-course candlelit dinner. Just remembering makes me feel so dreamy! The relaxing continued into the morning with breakfast, followed by a lazy drive back to St. Louis through many of the small winery towns on a drizzly Sunday.

Everything a getaway should be.

For the full article and menu visit here and to view more images of the event go here.

All photography by Jennifer Silverberg for FEAST magazine. (Center images of the magazine spread by me)


lovely bundle {simple thanks}

If you're looking to spruce up the table with simple items you already own, there could be elegance in using string, mason jars/tealights, perhaps a book centerpiece, and a simple leaf placecard. I love the idea of the string around the table, either as placecards or with items of thanks or blank for guests to write on. Something about the string connecting all that the group is thankful for makes me happy.

Wishing you a stress-free weekend as you prep for the holiday week ahead.

Image Sources: 1 Southern Living (via Pinterest) // 2 Our Labor of Love (via Pinterest) // 3 The Nester (via Pinterest) // 4 Country Living (via The Kitchn) // 5 Home Stories AtoZ (via Pinterest) //


surprise! party invitation

Super late post for your Monday afternoon. FINALLY I can share a little secret that's been in the works. These are the invitations for a birthday party that went down this last weekend. My friend Annie and I basically split down the middle a collaboration of color explosion. It was fantastic and a fun surprise. The invites were inspired by a more complicated version by Jordan of Oh Happy Day (also a free download!). I do love the vellum envelopes of confetti, a cheerful letter to receive alongside junk mail. Hopefully I will get the photos back soon to show off the rest of the party.

See you back tomorrow!


a smile for a photobooth

Ending the week with a few images from last weekend of me posing with the two lovely ladies in charge of the entire event, whom I could barely drag away from work to spare a moment. It was also a blast working with a local St. Louis photobooth vendor Lloyd + Lady. I would argue this is a party must.


sweet bridal shower dessert table

A few weeks ago I recreated a dessert table originally thought up for a bridal shower. The reason for the re-creation will be made known soon...till then these images must suffice.

The premise of the shower was a classy lingerie shower, with elegant sweets and champagne. No shower games, just the "he says, she says" activity (previously featured in this bridal shower). In lieu of fushia pink, I preferred a soft mint green with lace accents to create an intimate and feminine evening.

Overall the shower was relatively low maintence, yet still an enjoyably sweet celebration for the bride. Don't you agree?


a night for the town

The start of a new week brings my latest project—a silent auction fundraiser for Mission: St. Louis. Below is a snapshot of the event including a few details I had my hands in.

This year the event was hosted at a stellar St. Louis venue called The Moto Museum, which is an incredible space.

On to my details! Top left is an item donated by my book club, and I made a cute bookmark that I thought you might enjoy. The other three images are item descriptions/titles that I designed for all 250 auction items. Designed around the theme of "work supplies"—because most funds were designated for the jobs training program—these descriptions are meant to mimic index cards, certificates, and business cards.

Moving into the food/music/entertainment space, I styled these centerpieces to go along with the work supplies theme. The pencils hold the "reserved for sponsor" sign and the typewriters have a snippet about the jobs programs.

Then I also made these "timecards" in the hopes to encourage smaller donations, using tangible prices like "$15 provides one workbook".

Big type posters describing each of the 5 major programs of the organization.

And lastly a luxurious table display, haha! Slightly last minute, but still quasi-functional in gaining exposure for the raffle ticket sales.

The team did an incredible job putting on the event for 400+ people, and I was blessed to be a part of it.

Hopefully this wasn't too informative a.k.a. boring! I'm terrible at indoor/flash photography, so I almost didn't want to post about the event. But I figured it's still fun, right? Regardless, I am stoked that my schedule is now crawling compared to the last few months of my life. ****Sigh of relief*****


lovely bundle {outdoor movie}

With the upcoming release of a certain movie finale, my husband and I want to do a movie marathon so we have a clue what is going on in the storyline. It's always fun to join in on mass mania, right? And considering our backyard is now a perfect hangout, I think an outdoor movie is in the works!

Have any of you been anxiously awaiting this weekends movie? Any midnight movie rendezvous in the works? Either way I hope you have a great weekend!

Image Sources: 1 Design*Sponge, Styling by Bash, Please, Photography by Brandon Kidd (via Pinterest) // 2 Styling by Nouveau Romantics, Photography by The Nichols, Gallery on Style Me Pretty (via Pinterest) // 3 Oh, Hello Friend // 4 Design*Sponge, Styling by Bash, Please, Photography by Brandon Kidd // 5 Pottery Barn (via Apartment Therapy) //


summer party suggestion

Two things I've really enjoyed recently and think you should try.

Arrange your flatware/napkin/drink all together for a grab & go solution. Not sure where I spotted this idea, but love it for all future summer gatherings.

Grill fruit. UM, perhaps I'm the last person on the planet to find out this is incredible. Either way I'm now obsessed. We simply cut up fresh pineapple, mango, and peaches then tossed them real quick in vanilla and cinnamon & sugar right before throwing them straight on the grill. Sure, you could get fancy and skewer them if you so choose.

To dress up the fruit even more, I baked oatmeal cookies and topped with vanilla ice cream. Oh, taste buds rejoice in this heavenly goodness!

Have any of you discovered new summer ideas that you don't know how you lived without? Do share.


last minute july 4 diy's

In case you get a hankerin' to add some diy flare this weekend, I've collected a few ideas that might inspire you. Crafts that can be pulled off in the next few days.

Striped Menu + Tags by Scout's Honor Co for {Frolic!} (via Poppytalk)

Pie in a Jar by Brooklyn Supper for Babble (via Pinterest)

Printables by Hank + Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion (via Poppytalk)

Paper Cones by Martha Stewart

Licorice Wrappers by Room To Inspire (via eighteen25)

There you go! Any other simple and great ideas that I missed? I hope you have a fantastic weekend of frills & fireworks!


lavender & lemon cream puffs

Back to regular blogging schedule *I think*. Coming at you today with a test recipe—lemon & lavender cream puffs—inspired by my field trip last week. Which I must say, these are DELICIOUS and not near as difficult to create as you might expect.

The lab rats for this experiment were my book club, and they didn't mind one bit. I nearly have them fooled that I am a baking goddess. A reputation I don't mind at all.

Had the pastry bakery been open, I would have gladly purchased the baked puffs to accomodate my low maintenance lifestyle (aka laziness) but alas I was forced to create my own using a simple recipe. They baked up all hollow and pretty on their own! Like magic.

While cooling, I whipped up the filling and stored in the refrigerator for an hour. Then spooned the filling into the puff shells. One hour before serving, I stuck the puffs in the freezer so they would keep better at room tempature before being gobbled up.

::: lavender & lemon cream filling :::

// 8 oz cream cheese (softened)
// 1 cup powdered sugar
// zest of 1 lemon
// 2 tbsp lemon juice
// 1 1/2 tsp lavender budds (crushed)
// 1/2 container of cool whip
Combine all ingredients in a mixer except the cool whip, which you fold in gently.

Simple and simply delicious! Eliminate the baking puffs and you have one easy dessert that is crazy popular and unique.