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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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Entries in anniversary (7)


5 years

Happy Monday! This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Hard to believe.

And I finally had photographs printed. That's right. It took me FIVE YEARS to print my wedding photos. Which is a terrible shame, especially when I had a gorgeous album made by Priscilla Foster (the same year we married). Take a peek at her handmade books, they are incredible.

Awe to reminince on young love. It's a bit surreal, where sometimes I feel as though just a few months ago we said vows to one another—yet the last five years have also felt like most of my life. Crazy to think you could love someone more now than the day you said "I do". But it's true. His face is still my favorite face.


4 year anniversary & gift

This past Friday was my 4 year anniversay! Time certainly flies. Both my husband and I have stuck to the traditional anniversary gift list for ideas each year. It presents a fun challenge. This year was silk and how fun is it to own a bow tie in case a special occasion comes up?

Since the gift is relatively minor, I wanted to dress it up with a little packaging. Using an old cigar box is classy and well, super fitting for my husband.

Then I threw in a "very romantic card" and found these GREAT illustrated instructions on how to tie a bow tie. The illustration is by Conor Whelan for 2011 Trinity Ball Magazine. The cute card on the left is from Breathless Paper Co.

I truly love it and can't wait for him to try it out!

If you want to follow our anniversary adventures, last year we celebrated with a mini cake and a photoshoot. The gift was a custom leather wallet from in blue. And the previous year I gifted a sweet cotton love letter.


peach cake

Happy Monday! Hoping you had a lovely weekend. I am doing one more aniversary post for you today, highlighting our anniversary cake. Mini cakes are a trend started by the baking talent of Faux Martha. Because it's peach season and I desperately wanted to use peaches as a photo shoot prop, I foraged the interwebs for this beautiful cake recipe by Kiss The Groom. While it sure looked pretty, can't say I'm much of a baker for actual taste. It was amazing straight out of the oven, but after cooling it had compressed to be nothing like cake texture what-so-ever (as pictured above).

But fun and pretty are what's important, right? I'll leave baking edible food up to the pros.


lovely bundle {anniversary}

Are you not totally twitterpated with love when you see these images?! Maybe it's just me in my lovey-dovey anniversary state!

Any fun weekend plans? We are officially hosting our outdoor movie night, continuing a marathon of all the Harry Potter movies. Then viewing the lastest theater release. Should be good times!

Image Sources: 1 Edyta Szyszlo (via Pinterest) // 2 No Biggie (via Pinterest) // 3 BHLDN // 4 Jessica Hische (via Pinterest) // 5 Jesse Holland Photo (via Style Me Pretty) //


3 years ::: a peachy anniversary

Giddy would be a MAJOR understatement.

I'm head over heels. I'm smitten. I'm on cloud nine. Etc. Over and again. Not only is it the 3 year anniversary of the day I married my best friend and love of my life—but I also get to share some incredible images of celebration. All thanks to the incredible talented photography of I'm Fine Today.

I can't stop looking at them! One - they are beautiful images (are they not?), and two - it's images of the most amazing person I know, with me by his side of course. I can't believe I've got him for the rest of my life! Such a lucky girl. Sidenote: I also made a gallery of images from our wedding.

Thanks again to amazing photography of I'm Fine Today! I now need to sign off so I can celebrate with my husband! xoxoxo

Photography by: Dustin Davis // Styling by: Amanda O'Rourke (myself)


cotton to show my devotion

Not the best at gifts, but I wanted to give something simple and thoughtful, which is totally my style. Since cotton is the 2 year anniversary gift, I wrote the vows from our wedding program on linen and included a cotton stalk that I happened to have around. My husband was so creative last year by giving me letterpress lessons, I had to make a better effort this year. This post by Young House Love is a great resource for gift ideas. Any of you have creative examples for anniversary gifts? I'd love to hear them!


two incredible years

Tomorrow is an exciting day for myself (and my hub), our two year anniversary. Two is "past the newlywed stage" and on to the "semi-experienced we know what we're doing in marriage stage." Shoot we could start charging for couples counseling now. And what is a blogger to do on her anniversary—show her wedding photos by all means.

It's kind of fun to remember and look at photos again. I'm so unbelievably thankful that I get to spend my life on earth with this man! Love you so much, T!

The mushy-mush continues Wednesday! I will post the anniversary gift I put together.