This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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fancy initials tutorial

This diy was absolutely inspired by this tutorial. I wanted pretty type to incorporate into the bridal shower, so here is the result:

Here is the tutorial:

Tools: Ruler, needle/thread, scissors, mod podge, hot glue, acrylic paint, brushes, and x-acto knife.

Supplies: 3D letters and ampersand, mine were purchased from Hobby Lobby; fabric made into flowers (there are millions of flower tutorials on Google and I used variations of this, this, and this).

Key tip: because the & was a different size/font, I needed to make it VERY different in order to pull off the look. To accomplish this I painted the edges that wouldn't be covered by fabric. Either mix (or buy) the acrylic paint to match the fabric. An easier option would be to just paint the entire &, and skip the fabric.

Be sure to put down some wax paper for the mess!

While the paint is drying, hot glue the flowers onto the letters.

Next, cover the back of the & with mod podge. No reason to skimp with the glue.

After I put the fabric on—I painted glue around the sides on the bottom, and then completely covered the fabric on top. This makes it easier for trimming the excess fabric after the glue has dried. To trim, mostly I used scissors and then the x-acto for the difficult areas. Repeat on the front: glue, fabric, glue, dry, trim and voila!

What do you think? Hopefully this isn't a completely scattered tutorial. My cooking is worse, I never follow instuctions and then I can't remember how to repeat the recipe, eek! If there any questions I'm more than happy to give advice.

Have a completely amazing weekend!



ddiy {don't-do-it-yourself}

Why is this not a DIY you ask? Well, because I don't think there is much to share about how to spray paint. Hah! This is part one of my porch styling and hopefully the finished space is ready this weekend. // See the finished porch here //

And the lovely patio table in the state it was purchased (from craigs list).

Here is what you don't do yourself, or at least not alone. I should have paid $10 less for the set because of the hours I had to spend scraping paint! I had to buy this crazy wire brush and go over every inch of the corroded white paint. Sick. But the end result is always worth the effort (sigh).

The floral fabric is from ebay and I love it. Not a bad deal overall. $30 Table + $15 Paint + $30 Fabric = $75 for the perfect porch furniture. This is just a preview though, the real excitement will be the porch space. Can't wait!

Do any of you have spring projects to share? I would love to see your efforts!


happy monday

Just a quick hello today. Organize, plan, attack—these are my Monday goals.
More fun projects on the way...


fresh flora

Enough eggs already! Let's segue to something fresh on this Good Friday:

While today is a reflection of death, it is also symbolic of new life and I wanted something fitting. To create this semi-formal picnic theme I used scrap fabric, red burlap, ribbon and cut one of my pretty ranunculus blooms. The jar is small spice jar, and any table would be amazing with an entire row of these!

So what did you think of the week?! Favorites? Failures? Ideas to make them unique to you? Hopefully I've passed some inspiration along. And I wish you a wonderful, meaningful weekend of food, family, and celebration. Happy Easter!


vintage elegance

A very pretty Thursday place setting:

Unfortunately, these little treasures were a flea market find. Completely adorable vintage eggs. But these eggs from MS would make an amazing replacement. I set this up as a formal dinner, accenting the plates with a doily, colored saucer, and completing it with a messy raffia nest. What do you think? Does this win the prize, favorite of the week?


spring fun!

Wednesday brings a delightful surprise:

A new take on the Easter basket. Again, plant your grass early! Ingredients: Pail from Michaels, fabric scrap, doily, tag and stamps, grass seed and soil. A great craft for kids—decorating the container and planting seeds. I also think this would be fun for children to-old-to-hunt, maybe with money or a gift inside the egg. Who wouldn't love
a grass-grown basket?


sophisticated chic

Tuesday is all about the classy hostess:

Any fans? I love this one. The style is very Paloma's Nest, simple and sweet. The egg is from Hobby Lobby (for $1.30!) and I used a small alphabet stamp set for the name. So many possibilities! I just cut up fabric I had on hand that matched a flea market vintage plate. Super cheap. Super customizable. Super awesome.


playful garden

A week of celebration is upon us and I am so excited to share my place settings with you! Today we have your Monday serving of veggies:

Easy peasy place setting. The orange pail is from Michaels, and I wrote the name on
a popsicle stick with a fine point sharpie. Ideally, you would plant your grass early enough for growth by Easter. I cheated and bought a grass-like plant at a garden shop. Terra cotta pots would work well for this and maybe a bunny accent. You could even experiment making other vegetables, perhaps? I thought it would be super fun for kids, and adults too.


sneak peek

Spring fever is rampant today! The late posting is due to some seriously great projects that are coming soon. Speaking of which, here is a small nibble of the coming week:

Easter is one week away! One of the most treasured celebration traditions is a large family meal. This fueled my inspiration for a special week of posting // Easter Dinner Place Settings {with each day being a different theme.}

So have a great weekend of anticipation! And don't forget the deadline for my giveaway is almost here—don't miss out people.


voting time

I have had some success designing for Minted, and took on their latest Breakout Wedding Challenge. The judges this time around are 100 Layer Cake and Brooklyn Bride. I recommend checking out all the fun designs—so much inspiration! And of course while you're there, I would sure covet your rating my designs.

Any thoughts? Favorites? Not-so-favorites?